Moving Pictures discography

Australian pub rock and R&B-influenced Moving Pictures are best remembered for their power ballad "What About Me?", which shot the band to number one in Australia in 1982. Formed by singer Alex Smith and writer Garry Frost, they signed with Wheatley management in 1981 and released their first single "Bustin Loose".

Their debut album, Days of Innocence, was released in October 1981, but it wasn't until the release of the number one single "What About Me?" in January 1982 that Days of Innocence also topped the charts.

"What About Me?" went on to win the Best Single Award at the 1982 Countdown Awards. Mark Meyer then replaced original drummer Paul Freeland. U.S. label Elektra signed the band and released "What About Me?" in the U.S., where it reached number 19 on the charts, but on the eve of a U.S. tour that included support dates for Tom Petty, Hall and Oates, and REO Speedwagon, Elektra collapsed and the tour was cancelled.

Moving Pictures' second album, Matinee, was released in October 1983 and reached number 16 in Australia. With a strong live following, the band toured Japan before band problems saw Frost leave and eventually form the band 1927 a couple of years later. Joey Amenta served as a temporary replacement for Frost until Kevin Bennett joined the lineup. Moving Pictures toured for three more years and, following the Last Picture Show tour in May 1987, disbanded. A live album, Last Picture Show, was released in December 1987.

Albums (LPs/Cassettes/CDs)

1) Days of Innocence (1981) -

Australian Releases (Wheatley Records) -

LP -

Overseas Releases (1982) -

LP (Holland) - EPIC 25231

Performers -

Alex Smith - Vocals
Garry Frost - Guitar, Backing vocals
Andrew Thompson - Saxophones
Charlie Cole - Keyboards, Trumpet, Backing vocals
Ian Lees - Bass
Paul Freeland - Drums
Australian track-list

Nothin' to do
The Angel & and Madman
Sweet Cherie
Round Again
What about me?
So tired
Joni & the Romeo
Bustin' Loose

Overseas track-list -

1."Nothing to Do" (Alex Smith, Garry Frost, A. Smith) - 3:28
2."What About Me" (Garry Frost, Frances Swan Frost) - 3:32
3."Round Again" (A. Smith, G. Frost) - 4:06
4."Bustin' Loose" (A. Smith) - 4:37
5."Wings" (A. Smith) - 4:53
6."The Angel and the Madman" (A. Smith, Charlie Cole, G. Frost) - 4:28
7."Sweet Cherie" (A. Smith, C. Cole, G. Frost) - 3:38
8."So Tired" (A. Smith) - 4:03
9."Joni and the Romeo" (A. Smith) - 3:31
10."Streetheart" (A. Smith, Ian Lees, C. Cole, Andrew Thompson, G. Frost, Paul Freeland) - 7:01

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