Saturday, January 31, 2009

MODELS - rare song lyrics!

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One of my favourite bands from way back is MODELS. Some folk refer to them as 'THE MODELS', but the band-members are adament that this is not their real name (despite some records I have being labeled as 'THE MODELS'.

MODELS are quite well renowned for their cryptic and sometimes quite unintelligible lyric, particularly pre-James Freud. Not including lyrics on the LP (or CD/CASS) tip-in sheets magnified this view.

I'm going to start slow, but first up are a couple of previously unavailable song lyrics, for tracks from their pre-James Freud days, off the 'CUT LUNCH' 10" EP.

I've seen many attempts at lyrics off 'CUT LUNCH', and I feel this will satisfy the readers thirst for lyrical content.

As mentioned, the CUT LUNCH releases never included a lyric sheet of any kind. But interestingly, for the UK release of 'LOCAL AND/OR GENERAL', there was a lyric sheet. Not only that, but a couple of tracks from the Australian release were dropped, and remixed versions of ATLANTIC ROMANTIC, TWO CABS TO THE TOUCAN, and MAN 'O ACTION were included - along with the lyrics! So they'll be up for your perusal today.

Thanks for reading!

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