Thursday, October 24, 2019

JAMES FREUD - various press clippings

Must've blown the marketing budget -

(this is from July 1980 - RoadRunner magazine)

Interview from RoadRunner magazine October 1980 - after James returns from aborted UK studio sessions -

MODELS - press clippings from August 1981

MODELS - press clippings from December 1981

Source - RoadRunner

Local and/or General - LP review

Live gig review -

MODELS - press clippings from November 1980

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Crazy track by death metal band - good ear-bleeding material

This is a death metal band called ARSIS, covering Pseudo Echo's HIS EYES, originally from 1984's Autumnal Park album.

Attempts to upload to youtube and facebook result in copyright violations - not from Pseudo Echo or their publisher, but from ARSIS' publisher.... wow...

Anyway, enjoy this crazy version!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The PROMISE - rediscovered 80s POP gold!

Watching the latest run of ABC's RAGE RETRO MONTH (2015), I immediately noticed a very cool sounding band called 'The PROMISE'.

I decided to do a little research, and found absolutely nothing dedicated to them, apart from a handful of videos put up by one of the band-members.

Here's what I've found -


Band founded: 1983 (or slightly earlier)
Band break-up: 1987 (or early 1988)

Record label: PAROLE RECORDS, which have some affiliation with FESTIVAL RECORDS

Reason for break-up - negotiations broke down whilst working up a USA record deal. Sounds a little like Moving Pictures situation... Also similar to Moving Pictures and MODELS, there was a band with an identical name in UK - this would've caused problems for the band, no doubt about it.


Greg Herbert - lead vocals / guitar
David Barraclough - guitar / vocals
Kerry Dunne - bass / vocals
Mark Ovenden - keyboards
Martin Begent - drums (1983-1985)
Paul Blahuta - drums (1986-8)
Derek Lee - keyboards, guitars, sax, vocals (1987-8)

Clipping from Smash Hits - 

Promo shots - 

The PROMISE released one LP / CASS in 1987, which included all their previous singles, as follows -

LP - One in every colour

Catalogue number: L38715 (LP), C38715 (CASS)
LP recorded between 1983 & 1984 by all accounts, in Festival Studios, Sydney, but only released in 1987 (!)


01. Lessons in love
02. Walking with a weight
03. Blue world
04. Show me
05. A heart to sell
06. Something in the air
07. One more day
08. Love is the hunter
09. Home for the Balmain boys
10. We've got it all
11. It's in your head she said
12. Will you come back

The PROMISE released six singles, as follows -

1. (Living in a) Fault Line World

Released on indie label Down Under Records and Tapes - seemingly as white-label then reprint?

A-side: (Living in a) Fault Line World (4:36)
B-side: Love made me weird (3:26)
Catalogue number: DUR001 - March 1984

2. Heart to sell

(doesn't seem to have been sold in a picture sleeve...)

A-side: Heart to sell (2:41)
B-side: Next time (3:27)
Catalogue number: K9499 - 1984

Heart to Sell Promo video:

Heart to Sell 'live' Hey Hey it's Saturday video:

3. Walking with a weight

A-side: Walking with a weight (3:19)
B-side: Abstract relations (2:29)
Catalogue number: K9644 - 1985

Promo video:

Music show (NightMoves?) 'live' performance of Walking with a weight -

4. Will you come back again?

A-side: Will you come back again? (3:19)
B-side: Paronomasia (3:38)
Catalogue number: K9811 - 1986 / MX-65235 (alternate)

Will you come back again Promo video:

5. Something in the air

A-side: Something in the air
B-side: Building Castles
Catalogue number: K128 - 1986 / MX-67265 / MX-67266

Something in the air Promo video:

6. Lessons in love

A-side: Lessons in love
B-side: Watching the World
Catalogue number: K-246 - 1987

Lessons in Love Promo video:

Lessons in Love 'live' appearance on 'A Country Practice', 1987:

The PROMISE trivia:

The track 'Something in the air' is the only cover version The PROMISE have recorded. It was originally recorded by Thunderclap Newman in the 1960s.

Some tracks from the LP were produced by Eddie Raynor, of Split Enz

There seems to be a line-up change sometime before the release of 'Something in the air' - a new drummer and keyboardist is substituted.

The PROMISE supported The Divinyls during their 1983 Australian Tour (including Festival Hall, VIC).

The PROMISE have a Facebook page, which Greg and Kerry actively monitor (as of 2015).

A statement from Greg Herbert, lead vox from the band re the release of their first single - "The band had been writing furiously right through '83 and into '84. Our then manager, Alan Barker and we thought it would be great to get some product out to really drum up interest in the band. We picked 2 of our then strongest songs and decided to do a double A sided single. Luckily 4ZZZ and 2JJJ picked up Love made me Weird and that really boosted our profile! Next thing we had EMI, Mushroom Records and Festival Records chasing us. Love made Me Weird was written by David and Faultline by me. It was produced by our then sound engineer, Ian Taylor."

Bonus live track - a non-album track called 'Messages' was popular with the punters -

Some demo tracks have recently been unearthed, including -

Seaching for Laura -

"It's in your head", she says -

Original emotion -

I'm hoping to get a copy of all the LP & b-sides one of these days. I'd love to hear them!

Monday, September 22, 2014

MODELS - AlphaBravoCharlieDeltaFoxtrotGolf / Cut Lunch re-mastered on CD

Well here it is at last. Models first LP re-mastered onto CD and doubled up with the follow-up EP Cut Lunch.

It arrived yesterday, and can I say 'IT IS AWESOME'.

Here's the scans (click to enlarge!) -