Saturday, January 31, 2009

MODELS - Two Cabs to the Toucan

Written by Sean Kelly and Andrew Duffield

Incoming Taxi
Come in yellow
Incoming Taxi
Come in black cab

Hail all black cabs
Private house?
We're an Independent
Hand on handle


Not to the Airport
Not to the Can (You never know)
Not to Tel Aviv
Unwelcome in Japan

Back to the back-seat
Directions to the Man
Parramatta rank
Parramatta (Four cabs, Three cabs...)
Two cabs to the Toucan


Two Cabs to the Toucan (short video)

Cut Lunch (long promo, including all tracks and interviews)

Trivia -

There are at least two different versions of Two Cabs to the Toucan. The first, released on CUT LUNCH (and "Models COLLECTION" and also "Models and Friends") is 3:19. The second appears on the UK release of Local and/or General, and was remixed by Steve Brown, coming in at 3:48!!

Two Cabs was never officially released as a single, although I do possess a rare double-A side 7" vinyl of it, with the flip being a track by Jo Zep and the Falcons. Weird, eh?


  1. Love this song warwick, its one of the highlights of the earlier models output
    great blog, your on my links now
    ciao bob

  2. There's a 3rd version done by sean kelly on his 2006 solo album "moon's of jupiter".

  3. Thanks for the lyrics. I've never been able to decipher Sean Kelly. Where did you find them? Don't tell me you actually transcribed them from listening.

  4. Hi, and thanks from me as well for the lyrics!

    Does the English LP sleeve have the lyrics to the rest of the Local And/Or General songs? It'd be great if you could scan or post them one day...

  5. I never got what I thought was "In come in taxi" - incoming makes far more sense, lol.

  6. Hi! Sorry for the delayed response.

    I'll definitely be scanning this and putting it up.