Friday, March 13, 2009

MODELS - The Other Side of the Cassette

Now, here is something interesting...

As you may know, Models released a bunch of pretty damn fine b-sides to their Out of Mind Out of Sight range singles (those being Big on Love, Barbados, Out Of Mind Out of Sight, Cold Fever, King of Kings). The majority of these b-sides were released on side 2 of the Out of Mind Out of Sight cassette - I have two of these, so can verify this fact. Three remixes of the first three singles appear there too (this is like the CD release, except for the b-sides).

Now, it seems a Radio-Only release with a weirdly inverse cover was released, with those same remixes (nothing rare there), but also with the b-sides that appeared on the cassette... ergo the album / EP name 'The Other Side of the Cassette'.

Ultra-rare, never seen or heard of this before. I won it on ebay so it should be here soon for me to take better scans of.

Tracklist -
A1 Out of Mind Out of Sight (12" version)
A2 Big on Love (12" version of OZ single)
A3 Barbados (12" version)
B1 Tropic of Cancer
B2 Preacher of the Black Lagoon
B3 Blue Moon
B4 Steamroller Blues
A few photos from the auction appear here, for the file and to spike your interest! Better ones coming soon! (is anyone reading this?)


  1. I recently tranferred all of my Models 7" and 12" B-Sides to MP3 format. Blue Moon/Steamroller Blues were the only two I didn't have (apart from on Cassette). I still think Echoes In A Town Called Yamaha (B-Side to Oh! Darling) is one of their best tracks ever laid down, even though i prefer their '80-'83 albums.

  2. Hi there.

    and.. Can you upload Models Melbourne? pleeeeeease.

    1. Models Melbourne isn't something I can upload... other sites might.

  3. Is this the only copy in existence? I can't find information about it anywhere but here!

    I found you via Hand on Handle. Great blog!

    1. Hi! I'm not surprised you found me via Hand-on-Handle. I'm the admin over there - Warwick.

      As to This awesome LP - it was a radio-only promo. I've got a couple. I see them on ebay very rarely, maybe once a year or so. I'm actually thinking of selling my 'spares', so if you're interested, just reply here with your email (I won't publish that reply). Otherwise, enjoy the posts over on HoH.

      I'd love to be able to update this blog. I'm hoping to do some work on it over Xmas. All the best! WJ