Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early Models trivia

In my constant and frankly exhausting search for Models vinyl and other recordings, I talked today with a prominent record dealer, specialising in recordings from those days, and he had a few things to say -
  • Barry Earl was owner of Suicide Records
  • Barry Earl was also personal manager of Colin McClinchley
  • Colin McClinchley's alter-name is James Freud
  • Barry Earl co-produced James Freud and the Radio Stars debut lp
  • Suicide Records was an unofficial offshoot of Mushroom Records
  • Mushroom Records may or may not have applied pressure on Models circa 1981 to allow James Freud into the band
  • James Freud apparently had more than a fair share of the royalties from Models, according to sighted contracts from the source
  • It is well known that money was the main reason for the various personnel movements and eventual demise of Models
Interesting. Some of these I knew, and some I suspected, but one I didn't know. I'll leave that to you to guess.