Monday, August 30, 2010

James Freud and the Radio Stars - live in 1980

James Freud & the Radio Stars, live at Bridgewater Hotel, Adelaide 22/05/1980.

This performance, the 2nd on the same night, was captured to soundboard.

If anyone can pass me a link for the 1st performance, ie the real one at the Adelaide Opera House, I'd appreciate it!

Tracklist for the Bridgewater Hotel performance -

1. Telephone
2. Paint It Black
3. Butane Babies
4. Nineteen Again
5. Mean Modulator
6. Tragic Tales
7. Enemy Lines
8. Falling
9. Girls In Drag
10. Watching You



  1. This file is password protected ??

  2. Hi! I believe the password is '80sdreamer' or possibly ''. Let me know which works and I'll update the post.

    Thanks, and enjoy!