Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk that Walk

An interesting and under-rated band appeared in 1986 called Talk that Walk.

Not too much information seems to be available on this band, apart from the following -

One single released in 1986 - Surface Tension, appears to have entered top 40 in Victoria, Australia upon release, but not sure if charted elsewhere, perhaps explaining their single entry release.

Band members were -

Clive Young - vocals
Nick Lowes - bass/backing vocals
Dean Walliss - synth/backing vocals
Tony Lugton - guitar/backing vocals
Bill Wall - drums

(although this line-up was to change shortly after recording the single, according to the Sounds interview below)

Tony Lugton is well known for being one of the original members of great 80s synth new-wave band Pseudo Echo. Tony performed on the Autumnal Park album, but due to a split in either musical direction or money (depending on which source you believe), he left them and joined Propaganda and Talk that Walk. Tony actually appeared in an incarnation of James Freud's Berlin!

Clive Young actually had better chart success a couple of years later as a solo artist, and apparently still sings and writes these days (refer here for more info).

Apparently Talk that Walk actually toured schools with Pseudo Echo during 1986/1987.

Videos found -
Surface Tension (hey hey it's Saturday, 25/4/87)
Details on single release -

WEA 7-258470 / MX212593/4 - 1986 (although picture sleeve is dated 1987).
A side - SURFACE TENSION - length 2:57, produced by Spencer Lee, recorded at Paradise Studios
B side - HARVEST TIME - length 5:23, produced by Peter Leslie & Talk that Walk, recorded at Townhouse Studios

Lyrics as lifted from picture sleeve -

Snapping of the surface tension
Splitting of the fibres
Changing motion  without warning
Calling you.
So, time slapped your face again
Puts you in its case
And then it drills a little hole to hold onto.

Talk a little harder
Maybe work a little harder
Be a walking inspiration
So, hide in your face again
Fill a little space
It's what you want to do.

Well I remain a prisoner
Inside a dying man
Temptation is so sweet
That I taste it while I can.

Ah, that's surface tension.


  1. I remember them on Hey Hey it's Saturday, and was especially shocked to see Tony Lugton there, having been a huge PS fan at the time. Great times!

  2. i still have a photo taken with clive young so rare

  3. Clive young.something special.he had at least one top 40 and the CD is somewhere.the single is not on CD .why?

    1. Who knows? It did appear in that 1989 compilation, so it is on CD, but not as a cd-single or album release I guess. But the situation is worse for THE PROMISE, where nothing at all is on CD - apart from the odd vinyl rip.