Saturday, May 28, 2011

Models - Hold On (lyrics)

Hold On
(Music and Lyrics by James Freud)

I can see the white cliff
Falling from the plains
Rolling down to the sea
There's an old tree by the window
And the wind beats hard when
the sun goes down,
Down, down, down, in my own town


And when the morning comes
I won't be around
But if you say the word
I would always stay
And you, hold on to what you've got

I can still remember driving in the rain
Looking out of an eighteen year old
Through a hurricane
Then the days were longer
Was there something in a kiss
Well I don't know if it's this old place
Or you I'm gonna miss


Now Here in the heart of the city
That big machine keeps rolling on
The rains still falling down
And I look out over my street
That got caught up in the win
They broke some guy who lived down
the block, and threw him back again



  1. Do you know this is the ONLY place on the internet (at least that Google knows about) where these lyrics can be found? I've been searching on and off for years - thanks for posting!

  2. marvellous, classy song this was.

  3. another song I have found in the last couple of years that I had not heard for nearly 3 decades - and it's great to know the words too now!! I always grew up with 2 versions of these songs - the ones I made up from the bits of what I could tell and then the real ones I learned later in my life. AH!!! what a musical journey!! Thanks.