Wednesday, April 30, 2014

James Freud's Breaking Silence to be released to CD and iTunes!

Breaking Silence re-released -news direct from Sally Freud

To be released by Sandman Records, and the CD release will be available to international fans.

The CD will include bonus tracks, to be advised. I'd assume iTunes will have the same content.

Sandman Records have a history of releasing great bonus content, including liner notes and as many bonus tracks as they can physically fit on a CD. Sandman also sometimes release 2-CD sets, so maybe we'll see some of the 'China Crimes' unreleased LP - the aborted Gary Numan-produced one? CD releases are typically done as digipack releases.

Sandman Records also release in LP (vinyl) format, so maybe we'll see this content on there as well.

Sandman have only been around since 2013, but in that time they've released a dozen good re-releases including The Numbers and Billy Field, all with bonus tracks.

Time will tell - exciting news either way!

Classic Australian Albums - 

Lovingly restored, remastered and repackaged

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